Fesan Trailer is one of the leading lowbed semi-trailer manufacturer company in Turkey. Fesan Trailer produces the most suitable semi-trailers for different loads and different road conditions. The lowbed semi-trailers produced meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Chassis is made of reinforced high quality steel sheet metals (Strenx 700MC, Strenx960MC or S355).

Fesan lowbeds, thanks to its strong structure operates in the field of transportations of all kinds of heavy load.

Fesan lowbeds offers the opportunity to create products suitable for your needs with a wide variety of platform dimensions, elongation amounts, axle and ramp options.

Vehicle curb weight is light or heavy,
Suitable for On Road or Off Road road conditions.

Different sizes of ISO Container transport: 20 Feet, 30 Feet or 40 Feet

Chassis Chassis is manufactured by robotic welding with high strength S700 MC and ST52 sheet metal.
Lighting System 2x7 + 1x15 Pin, 24 V
Brake System 2S/2M EBS system (RSS enabled)
Moving Part 3x9 ton capacity axles with drum brake,air suspension axle set 16 + 1 tires in 245x70xR17,5 and a rim suitable for these tires
Paint Crete metal sanding, epoxy prime coat, acrylic paint
Standard Equipments Tool box, wheel wedge, fire extinguisher cabinet, water container, monameter, spare wheel carrier,lashing rings, side extension brackets.
Standard Features Removable bolt-on king pin, manual 1st axle lift
Options European origin; axles, container locks, Landing gear and king pin, lighting system 4 meter long ramp with break, hydraulic ramp sliding Drunk steering axles Mechanical suspension axles 19.5
Theoretical Carrying Capacity 66 tons
Theoretical King Pin Carrying Capacity 18 tons
Theoretical Axle Group Carrying Capacity 48 tons
Steering All axles are fixed or last two axles are self steering
Floor Wood and sheet metal
Ramp 3 meters long

*Fesan has rights to change the size and specifications of products without any information.

*Fesan has rights to change the size and specifications of products without any information.

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