Specially Developed Semi-Trailers for Russian Road and Climate Conditions

Fesan Trailer has examined the road and market conditions of Russia. Fesan Trailer designed semi trailers according to the road, working and climate conditions in Russia. The chassis produced by Fesan Trailer are more resistant to both heavy road conditions, overworking hours and heavy load. Special Swedish production Strenx brand sheets are used in the chassis manufacturing. These Strenx brand sheets have been specially developed for semi-trailer chassis manufacturing. Strenx sheets are both more durable and more flexible than normal sheets. Thus; Fesan Trailer produces both more durable and lighter chassis for the Russian market. Fesan Trailer uses special Hardox sheets resistant to abrasion and impacts for box manufacturing. Fesan trailer offers the most ideal solutions for the Russian market by combining years of professional experience, material knowledge, quality of workmanship and special fabrication steels (SSAB, Strenx, Hardox).

Fesan Trailer has developed special solutions for the transportation of grain grown in Russia
Rear Tippers. These semi trailers; designed for grain transport, low overall height, reduced curb weight. These semi-trailers are produced in different volumes according to the grain type. These special semi-trailers have curb weight very close to their aluminum counterparts.

Another model is the Side Tipper model. This classic model has been redesigned with the Fesan Trailer difference. This semi-trailer also has a low curb weight. In addition, it is produced with different bending and welding methods with the experience of Fesan Trailer in grain transportation.

The U type tippers we have developed for construction projects such as excavation and road construction stand out with their durability. Chassis, axle and tires are resistant to heavy loads. The entire chassis is made of Strenx material. The box is manufactured from Hardox 450 or Hardox 500 TUF.

In addition, Fesan Trailer can use SAF, BPW brand axles and Hyva brand hydraulics in semi trailer manufacturing in line with customer preferences.

Grain tippers,
three or four axle U type tippers,
three or four axle square tippers,
three or four axle platforms, flatbeds
three or four axle container carrier chassis
garbage tippers,
three, four or five axle lowbeds,
Each day; The number of Fesan brand semi-trailers is increasing on the roads of Russia. 

Fesan Trailer has a distributor in the Russian market. Please contact us for distributor information.

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