My Inner Strenx Brand Program

''Fesan Trailer's My Inner Strenx® brand program membership process has started. It is very difficult to get this membership as a trailer manufacturer. By using Strenx® 700MC, Strenx 900MC sheets and Strenx® 700MLH profiles in the production Fesan from now takes place in the Champions League of the tipper and trailer industry.
Just using Strenx® is not enough to get the My Inner Strenx® tag. Approval is given after the design made with Strenx®, the quality of welding and bending, and the compatibility of the materials used together are checked by SSAB engineers. Fesan will be the first tipper trailer manufacturer in Turkey to receive the My Inner Strenx® membership program. As SSAB, we are honored to work with a partner like Fesan''.
By the SSAB.

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