How Can We Reduce Semi Trailer Cost?

Fesan Trailer has always prioritized efficiency and cost advantage in semi-trailer manufacturing.

Managers of logistics companies often pay attention to the initial purchase costs of semi-trailers. At first, they focus on the money they pay. But the actual vehicle cost is not exactly like that. The cost of a commercial vehicle is not just the purchase cost. The operating cost, maintenance cost and resale value of this commercial vehicle should be added to the purchase cost. Therefore, the true cost of the vehicle is revealed. Real profits can also be calculated when the real cost is revealed. There is always a philosophy: “Money is earned in the buying operation. If I buy cheap, I earn more.” This philosophy is not entirely correct. We've all experienced this in the business world.

Usually, when I visit the garages of logistics companies, I see this: there are always semi-trailers in service and repair. And most of them are badly damaged. To the cost of the semi-trailers we must add both these repair costs and the loss of work on the days they are not working. Vehicles repaired in this way have low second-hand values.
But a semi-trailer produced in accordance with the road conditions, the load to be transported, and the maximum weight saves logistics companies much more money.

Fesan Trailer is a semi-trailer manufacturer in Turkey that pays attention to these facts. Fesan Trailer focuses on designs and materials that will lower the total cost of semi-trailers. Fesan Trailer does this in two main stages:

1- Solution suitable for the Logistics Companies needs: Designing vehicles suitable for the load to be transported and road conditions. Therefore, less maintenance and repair is required for the semi-trailer. Most importantly, since the vehicle works continuously, it generates more turnover.

2- Lighter Vehicles: More loads can be carried with lighter vehicles than their counterparts. More cargo can be transported both on the outbound route and on the return route. Therefore, more profit is obtained. This lightness provides a serious cost advantage. But lightening vehicles is no easy task. It requires serious experience and technical knowledge. In addition, suitable raw materials are needed for this job. Fesan Trailer relies on SSAB production sheets in semi-trailer production. The world's best company in the production of wear-resistant and durable sheet metal is SSAB from Sweden. Fesan Trailer uses original SSAB sheets for lightening vehicles. Strenx700 and Strenx960 in chassis manufacturing; in box production, Hardox 450 and Hardox 500 TUF tipper type sheets are used.

I encounter this situation in many West and East African countries such as Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda. And I share my knowledge on these issues with logistics company managers in these countries.
Please keep this information in mind when you buy a tipper or flatbed.

We all have to think about our operating costs, especially in this pandemic process where things are getting harder. We must pay attention to total efficiency in our tipper or flatbed purchases.

With these ideas, Fesan Trailer serves its customers in logistics, transport, hauler, bulk cargo transport, grain transport, construction, road construction, mining and heavy transport business in Africa.


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