Cheaper Flatbed

The flatbed type semi-trailers are indispensable vehicles for most of the the transport companies.

You can transport various types of load using the same flatbed. Flatbed semi trailers are especially used for the transport of palletized loads and containers. However, with the help of additional apparatus, you can carry many different loads from construction materials to logs with flatbed. Another field where the flatbed semi trailers are most used  is agricultural sector. 

Flatbeds find a wide place in transporting fleets because of they have such a wide range of product carrying capacity. Due to these features, the worldwide flatbed demand is greater than the demand for other semi-trailers. As a result of this great demand, the most produced semi-trailer type in the world is the flatbet semi trailer. You can find a flatbed manufacturer almost anywhere in the world.

The  manufacturers can produce flatbeds with the most readily available steels in that region. Flatbeds can even be produced from I and C profile construction materials. Since it can be produced with an easy and simple design, its prices are also cheap. In the face of this cheapness, the economic life of flatbeds is less. Usually logistics companies think: flatbeds cheap anyway, If flatbeds break or wear out, we'll buy a new one. And with this thought, they constantly renew their fleet. But overall, they spend more money. In fact, the flatbed should have extra features for different kinds of loads. In other words, flatbet semi trailer should have a special design for loads with different characteristics. This is a point that many manufacturers and users overlook. It is necessary not to confuse a cheap vehicle with an economical vehicle. What we really need to examine is how much we paid for the total cost of the vehicle. Vehicles with a low total cost and a long service life are the most economical vehicles for.

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