Affordable Quality and Reasonable Price for the European Market

Fesan Trailer manufactures according to European standards and norms. All Fesan Trailer manufactured semi-trailers have COC valid in European Union member countries.
Fesan Trailer is able to produce semi-trailers suitable for the needs of its customers. The curb weight of the semi-trailer is light or heavy, depending on the operating conditions. Fesan Trailer is experienced in using sheets with different properties such as Strenx700, Strenx960, Hardox 450 or Hardox 500 TUF.

In addition, SAF, BPW brand axles and Hyva brand hydraulics or European origin accessories can be used.

Fesan Trailer manufactures many different semi-trailers for the European market.

Fesan Trailer exports to Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Balkan countries.

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